It's Our Birthday! We are ONE!

It's Our Birthday! We are ONE!

Posted by Hilary on 7th Sep 2022

We are celebrating a year of being Penny and Lola. A year ago this week we launched our soft toys Cat, Badger and Rabbit into the world!

The first thing we’d like to say is Thank You! We wouldn’t be here without you. The love and support of The Happy Song by Imogen Heap and the wonderful characters imagined by PigBird has brought us all here- we’re so glad you love the soft toys as much as you love the song!

Secondly we want to offer FREE shipping in the UK and 20% off the cat, badger and rabbit until 8th October. We hope you can share The Happy Song soft toys love with those who might enjoy it!

We actually began our journey in January 2021, six months into maternity leave with our first child. During that time, a wonderful NCT friend sent our group the magical Happy Song! We listened to The Happy Song and watched the video a lot during the first six months of our daughters life. But we were disappointed we couldn’t buy a toy at Christmas. We were sure that with so many fans of the song, there would be other families who felt the same way. So we got in touch with the relevant people after Christmas to ask if we could investigate having the main character toys made, and they said YES! Everyone was very supportive and gave us permission to go for it! We all agreed that it was important to give a percentage to a relevant charity. So we chose the NSPCC to spread the happiness to those who need it most.

By September 2021 we had created a brand and built a website by some very clever friends, made social profiles and most importantly we had our cat, rabbit and badger ready to go!

Here’s to the next year, we have exciting new things happening in the next few months and we can’t wait to share them with you.


Hilary & Chris