Welcoming new members to the gang! Hello Pig and Lion!

Welcoming new members to the gang! Hello Pig and Lion!

Posted by Hilary on 25th Oct 2022

Our recent press release:

Penny and Lola have announced new products in their Happy Song range. 

Delighted with the success of the initial characters Cat, Badger and Rabbit, Penny and Lola have now added new characters of the Lion and Pig. However, they have gone further by providing other baby products featuring the Happy Song characters. These include two baby rattles, a muslin and an illustrated clothes hook for the nursery.

Hilary Barrett, one of the founders of Penny and Lola, said, “We were delighted by the characters from The Happy Song by Imogen Heap and we were sure other fans of the song, who enjoyed the magic of the video, would be glad to own a familiar cuddly. We worked with the team who created The Happy Song and the video, and took it one step further by having the main characters brought to life to bring fun and play to little ones.”

The Happy Song was composed with little people in mind, catching their attention and soothing them. The popular, cuddly, characters from The Happy Song are designed for play and comfort. They are baby safe. Each animal is a happy, fun, cute and imaginative friend. 

With the purpose of sharing happiness, Penny and Lola felt it was important to support a cause that was really deserving and have chosen the NSPCC by making a donation for each sale. The NSPCC work in the UK to provide services and support to children and young people. 

Hilary explained, “We actually began our journey in January 2021, six months into maternity leave with our first child. During that time, a wonderful friend sent our group the magical Happy Song! We listened to The Happy Song and watched the video a lot during the first six months of our daughter’s life. But we were disappointed we couldn’t buy a toy at Christmas. We were sure that with so many fans of the song, there would be other families who felt the same way.”